Digital Initiatives

Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital has kept itself constantly upgraded in terms of clinical technology, infrastructure, education, advancement in peripheral technology initiatives, and others, all of which lead to improved patient experience and satisfaction. The Hospital has seen changes and advancements over a century, tided over turn of the millennium, and ensured that it continues to remain among the top 10 eye hospitals in the country.

Digital initiatives at SCEH have helped in implementation and integration of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) across the SCEH network, handling a footfall of nearly 1200 patients everyday under comprehensive eye and ENT care as well as speciality services. Integration with 36 vision centres is soon to happen.

Harnessing potential of information technology to improve health outcomes through analysis and monitoring of the data is the focus of establishing and EMR. This also co-incides with the need to reduce use of paper and graduate to becoming eco-friendly set-up.

Bringing healthcare closer to patients across various networks as well as all economic groups has been one of the major objectives of the Hospital; and one of the most-friendly ways to achieve it is, increasing penetration digitally.

Tele-consultation is being done at SCEH where real-time consultation is given by the doctors in cases where the difficulty level of face-to-face consultation with the doctors is very high.

Various steps such as process standardization, data accessibility to designated stakeholder with streamlined information sharing and transparency have to been taken to ensure patient satisfaction, with guaranteed confidentiality of patient data.

Use of digital mediums such as webinars, online classes, tele-conferencing have proved to be the most promising method for continued knowledge sharing and flow of information required from time to time, especially in times when remote access is mandatory.

Digital innovation through deep learning and artificial intelligence is one of the projects that is underway in the hospital and it is aimed at bringing a change in how ophthalmic care will be available in the coming times.

Digital transformation of SCEH will require partnerships and collaborations with many organizations. Fostering these partnerships is fundamental to the success of this initiative. To seek and strengthen relationships with individuals and organizations is be an important part of the department.


Dr Monica Gandhi

Mr. Taufique Alam

Mr. Bijender

Mr. Nikhil

Mr. Chirag

Mr. Vivek

Mr. Kishna