Allied Ophthalmic Paramedics

Allied Ophthalmic Paramedics (AOP) Programme

Since 2014, SCEH has committed itself to bridge the gap of trained Allied Ophthalmic Paramedics by building a cadre of young women with a significant focus on their holistic development and empowerment. Developing well trained eye care professionals is critical to reaching out to larger populations, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction. If more para-medical professionals are available to work in clinics, fewer doctors are needed per patient because they can substitute for doctors in performing some tasks.  The Allied Ophthalmic Programme is SCEH is accredited by Health Sector Skill Council under the National Skill Development Programme of the Government of India.

The programme is driven by the vision to create empowered cadre of trained allied ophthalmic personnel for strengthening ophthalmic services delivery system.

The two- year Allied Ophthalmic Paramedics Programme educates and enables the trained girls to get placed as Vision Technicians, Medical Record Assistants, Patient Educators and OT Assistants. The programme has gone from strength to strength with a dedicated infrastructure, well-structured and executed curriculum, expert faculty, quality order provigil techniques and a student friendly environment. This initiative has created empowered and efficient skilled allied ophthalmic employees in a safe, productive work environment for young girls.

The programme serves the need to bring in gender equality through increased employability. The trained paramedics have enhanced knowledge about eye care; computer proficiency and counselling skills.

Recruitment process:

Selection of candidates as trainees is done based on their aptitude and nearness to one or other secondary centres, vision centres and tertiary centre to minimise drop-out rate during the course. Selection criteria is between the age group 18-21 years, schooling upto class 12 and preferably girls from a modest background. Candidates who apply have to appear in an aptitude test, one-on-one interview and interaction with parents for counselling.