Education Academy

Across the globe, a healthcare professional workforce is needed to meet health needs and challenges of healthcare delivery. There is very high prevalence of needless blindness in North India and need for education cum resource facility in North India cannot be overstated. Education and training has been one of the core focus areas of SCEH since its inception. Though the education programmes for ophthalmologists and optometrists have been in place for last 20 years, the medical education department was formally incepted in 2010. Over the years, the organisation has trained more than 2000 individuals in the field of ophthalmology for clinical as well as paramedic field. It has expanded the scope of education to train not only various cadres of ophthalmologists and optometrists but also paramedical staff and allied ophthalmic paramedics.

SCEH is collaborating with Standard Chartered Bank and establish Standard Chartered-Shroff Eye Care Education Academy to boost up the eyecare education initiatives and meet the unmet need of ophthalmic healthcare force in the country. The Academy will include strategies and interventions that provide context-relevant health professional education to ophthalmologists, allied ophthalmic paramedics, eyecare managers as well as other cadre of eyecare delivery manpower.