Eye Bank at Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital was started in the year 2005, and since then, it has developed into a modern and state-of-art facility, which not only does corneal transplant surgeries, but it also distributes corneas to the ophthalmologists for performing corneal transplant surgeries. The Eye Bank is accredited by NABH as part of hospital services, EBAI (Eye Bank Association of India) & Sight Life International USA. The Eye Bank team led by Dr. Manisha Acharya is the proud recipient of the prestigious BMJ South Asia Healthcare Award 2016 as Quality Team of the year for Improvement in Eye Bank Tissue utilization through Quality Assurance Initiatives.

In the year 2005, only 28 corneas were collected from various source-points and in a time span of a decade and a half, the cornea collection has risen to 12981 healthy corneas. This has been possible because of diligent & flawless procedures and a committed team. Annually, around 750 corneal transplant surgeries are done by the team, however, the year 2019 recorded a high of 1554 corneal transplants in a single year. The eye bank maintains a utilization rate of around 65% by its improved quality of transplantable tissues through well-defined quality measures, thereby earning recognition for quality processes among the corneal surgeons throughout the country.

Partnerships with international eye banks like- Sightlife Eye Bank and Miracles in Sight Eye Bank of USA have helped us immensely in our growth.

Follow SCEH eye bank video youtube link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnwKBDZ7XI8

The eye bank runs two collection centers at Vrindavan and Alwar respectively, and has an intensive network of more than 30 hospitals, mortuaries, cremation grounds and NGO partners. The eye bank runs a order lyrica call center with its 24×7 helpline numbers- 9810001616 and 9650300300.  We have been the pioneer in practicing the innovative concept of Tele counselling in eye banking, and we are proud to be the first Indian eye bank to apply this initiative to expand the services.

SCEH Eye Bank processes the Amniotic Membrane and makes it available to the surgeons for the reconstructive surgeries. The eye bank provides tissues for various corneal transplant surgeries and processed Amniotic membranes to the corneal surgeons.