Glaucoma Training

The Glaucoma Fellowship program at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital is dedicated to develop trainees with a fundamental understanding of glaucoma diagnosis and surgical management. The fellowship is of 30 months duration, with first six being reserved for research work. Even after the first 6 months, the candidates will ample opportunities to participate in other research projects. At the end of the fellowship, the fellow is expected to have atleast 2 research projects completed.

Clinically, at the end of the Fellowship training program, the fellow would be comfortable with all the examination techniques required for glaucoma management. This includes, Gonioscopy, Optic nerve head evaluation, diagnosis and management of all types of glaucoma including pediatric glaucoma.   In addition, the fellow will be able to independently perform and interpret visual field test, OCT, OCT-angiography, UBM, anterior segment OCT. Laser procedures like peripheral iridotmies and bleb management including argon laser Suturolysis, sub-conjunctival 5-FU injection will also be taught.

There will be ample surgical exposure for the fellow, and along with glaucoma procedures, the fellow will get a chance to maintain his/ her cataract surgery skills. At the end of the fellowship, the fellow doctor is expected to have done at least 40 glaucoma surgeries including plain trabeculectomy, combined cataract surgery and trabeculectomy and tube implant procedures. The surgical increment will depend on the fellow’s skill and order metformin cases will be given once the fellow is comfortable with basic surgical procedures.

Fellows will participate in morning rounds and informal discussions during clinics. Fellows, on a monthly basis, will do cases presentations and Journal Clubs. This a well rounded fellowship with equal emphasis on academics and clinics.