Oculoplasty Fellowship

The long term fellowship in Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology involves 3 months research fellowship and 2 years clinical fellowship.

During the research fellowship, the candidate is expected to work on a relevant clinical research project under the guidance of the faculty. The research fellowship time also aims to orient the candidate on the clinical protocols and the documentation processes pertaining to the speciality.

The clinical fellowships involves the rotation of the fellow in the various clinics like basic oculoplasty, socket and prosthesis clinic, oncology and EUA clinics, ocular pathology, oculoplasty operating room.  etc., initially under the supervision of faculty and subsequently independently. The fellow will be involved in the evaluation and clinical decision making about various oculoplasty disorders and ocular tumors and will be assisting and performing speciality surgeries under supervision as well as independently. A well-equipped wetlab facility is available in house for fellows to enhance their surgical skills. A well-structured evaluation process is in place for periodic evaluation of the skill level of the fellows and make necessary corrective actions as required.

Participation and presentation in the academic sessions are integral part of the fellowship programme and fellows are expected to be updated with the current literature pertaining to the various speciality disorders and take part in the monthly grand rounds, case discussions, journal clubs and various order zyban as well as present and publish their research work in various national and international forums.

The fellowship aims to enhance the skill level of the candidate and produce a specialist well versed in the theoretical and practical skill set required for independent and current evidence based management of patients with various oculoplasty and ocular oncology disorders.