Ophthalmic Education Programmes

Long term Ophthalmology Fellowship: Long term ophthalmology fellowship training is offered in comprehensive ophthalmology as well as ophthalmic sub-speciality. The following are the long term programmes currently offered at the Institute

Long-term Fellowship Programme Minimum Qualification Seats/year  Duration (in months)
Paediatric Ophthalmology

& Strabismus

MS//DNB/DO 1 24
Glaucoma and anterior segment MS//DNB/DO 1-2 12/24
Vitreoretina MS//DNB/DO 1-2 30
Oculoplasty and Ocular Oncology MS//DNB/DO 1-2 12/24
Cornea & Anterior Segment MS//DNB/DO 1-2 15/24
Comprehensive Ophthalmology (Medical Officer ) MS//DNB/DO 6-8 24
Residency Training programmes (Diplomate of National  Board) MBBS 2 36


Recruitment process:

The recruitment for long term fellowships programmes is based on a written test and interview. Interviews are held twice a year, June and December and gay-sauna-nice.com commence in July and January. For further details and application for fellowship interview please email at training@sceh.net.

Short term Ophthalmology fellowships: The following short ophthalmology training programmes are currently offered at the institute

Short-term Fellowship Programme Minimum Qualification Candidates Duration
Phacoemulsification  (Sponsored) at Delhi MS//DNB/DO 2/month 2 weeks
Hands-on Keratoplasty MS//DNB/DO 4/year 3 months
Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus DO/MS/DNB 2/year 2 months
Glaucoma DO/MS/DNB 2/year 3 months
Cornea & Anterior Segment DO/MS/DNB 2/year 3 months
Oculoplasty DO/MS/DNB 2/year 3 months