Outreach Programme : Consulting

Learning is sharing

It is our duty to build the capacity of like-minded organizations. Just as we have benefited from the wisdom of others down the years.

This is the newest vertical that is slowly taking shape. We have had the good fortune of working with some like-minded partners and helping them reflect and reorganize their systems and processes. Depending on the need assessment and the visioning for the future, customized interventions are jointly developed.

Mentoring approach is need based and curated as per the need/want of the mentee.

Primary intervention areas are

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and engagement
  • Capacity building through specific training in medical and non-medical areas
  • Building up a quality conscious culture and systems
  • Strengthening Community outreach and impact
  • Advising on IT infrastructure

The leadership team of community outreach function, along with the Chief Executive and Executive Director are the core team for mentoring. Other functions are brought in on a need basis.

The function, as of now, is developing med-blog.com and will grow into its own right in a couple of years.