Outreach Programme Overview

Community Outreach

The Context:

In India’s northern states the prevalence of blindness is 2% of the total population. The state of Uttar Pradesh, alone, has 1.6 million people suffering from avoidable blindness. In 2010, a study commissioned jointly by several institutes in India found out that India may not be able to achieve its goal of eliminating the backlog of blindness in the country by 2020, despite being a signatory to the global platform VISION 2020 – THE RIGHT TO SIGHT. Effectively, it means that large numbers of Indians, oblivious of caste, creed & gender remain bereft of basic quality of life due to lack of access to quality eye care that most of us take as our right.

The only solution is in making all necessary efforts to reach out to these marginalized populations and provide them the access to eye care.

The community outreach function at Dr.shroff’s Charity eye hospital draws it’s inspiration from two important elements of the Institution:

The Mission:

 To make a lasting impact on the eradication of blindness and deafness in India by providing quality care to all sections of the society”

The board Mandate:

Annually,minimum 50% of the surgical work in the Institute will be done completely free of cost to the beneficiary

The function works towards these two principles across operational locations and partner organizations by

Stepping forward:

The function is working on evolving into a centre of excellence by the year 2025. For the same , we are  strengthening the following pathways:

  • Achieve appreciable volumes while continuously demonstrating quality, sustainability,efficiency, productivity and equity in service delivery models
  • Make significant contributions in capacity building of like minded partners nationally and internationally through effective knowledge transfer, Training and mentoring
  • Seek and nurture effective collaborations with other centres of excellence, Institutions and Partners
  • Significantly Contribute to the body of Community Eye care Knowledge by conducting research of the highest quality

The  work of community outreach at Dr.shroff’s Charity eye Hospital is possible and continues to be possible for the support that we order phentermine from various partners and many unnamed individual donors. We are deeply grateful to the following partners