Outreach Programme : Projects

Refract. Recognize.Refer.Create Awareness

These are the basic service delivery points at a vision centre. The objective is to provide primary eyecare services to the rural/under-privileged sections thereby increasing access, equity and coverage and reducing expenses  towards inculcating positive health seeking behavior.

Vision Centre programme is central to the community Outreach Model of  Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye hospital. This journey of establishing credible and updated vision centres started in 2008 with support under the India Consortium Grant of Seeing is Believing and has continuously expanded over the years. This expansion has been possible due to the support of many partners.

the 36 strong Vision Centre network of the Hospital functions for the populations at urban order lunesta rural areas in Alwar, Saharanpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Vrindavan, Lakhimpur Kheri, and Delhi in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi.


S. No Referral Hospital Name of the centre Address
1 Delhi Dhristy Sonepat Netra Janch Kendra Near Bus stand , Durga Mandir, Mohala Kala, Sonepat, Haryana
2 Delhi Bhajanpura Netra Janch Kendra 517/9 Munga Nagar , Main Karawal Nagar Road, Delhi
3 Delhi Trilokpuri Netra Janch Kendra House No:243/244, 26, 27 main Road, Near 27 Bustand, Trilok Puri, Delhi
4 Delhi Mustfabad Netra Janch Kendra A17, Galli Number 3, Bhagi Ranthi Vihar , Mustafabad Phase 2, Delhi
5 Delhi Jahangirpuri Netra Janch Kendra A 27X,DDA flats, Near Agarwal Sweets, Jahangirpuri, Delhi
6 Delhi Badarpur Netra Janch Kendra R/o House No. 1 B, Tajpur Pahari, Jaitpur Mod , Near Laxmi Kela Gaudam, Near NTPC Gate No. 3, Badarpur, Delhi
7 Delhi Shahbad Dairy  Netra Janch Kendra House No. 132, Khasara No-38/16, Shiv vihar Gali No- 3,Near A block Bus stand, Shahbad Dairy Delhi
8 Delhi Eicher Driver Care Center Plot no 7, near Shanta Nursing Home, Sanjay Gandhi Transport, Samaypur, Delhi
9 Delhi Shiv Vihar Netra Jhaanch Khendra Shiv Vihar Netra Jhaanch Khendra
Shiv Vihar Roard , Hasthal Nagar, Uttam Nagar, Shiv Vihar, Delhi
10 Saharanpur Nakur Netra Janch Kendra Mohalla Bhancharan, Near DR.K.P Panwar College Road, Nakur Block, Saharanpur
11 Saharanpur Chilkana Netra Janch Kendra Lala Salaga Ram Complex, Near Chilkana Bus Stand, Chilkana, Sarsawa block, Saharanpur
12 Saharanpur Thana Bhawan Netra Janch Kendra City Garden Road, Madina Market, Near Chandrawal Bus stand ,
Saharanpur–Delhi Main Road,
Thana Bhawan, Shamli
13 Saharanpur Nangal Netra Jaanch Kentra Nangal Netra Jaanch Kentra , Pal Market, Railway Station Road, Nagal, Saharanpur
14 Saharanpur Rampur Maniharan Netra Jaanch Kentra Rampur Netra Jaanch Kentra ,Near Tehsil, Deoband Road, Rampur Maniharan, Saharanpur
15 Saharanpur Gangoh  Netra Jaanch Kentra Gangoh Netra Jaanch Kentra, Near Ram Leela Bhawan, Gangoh block, Saharanpur
16 Saharanpur Behat Netra Jaanch Kendra Behat Netra Jaanch Kendra
Near Janta Inter College, Behat, Saharanpur,
17 Lakhimpur Kheri Powayan Netra Janch Kendra Puwayan Netra Janch Kendra, Lakhpeda Bag, Jewa Mode, Khutar Road, Powayan, Shahjahanpur
18 Lakhimpur Kheri Mitoli Netra Janch Kendra Mitoli Netra Janch Kendra, Near-Ladaiti Davi Petrol Pump, Maigalganj Road, Mitauli, Lakhimpur Kheri
19 Lakhimpur Kheri Bankayganj Netra Janch Kendra Bankeganj Netra Janch Kendra, Near-Railway Crossing, Bankeganj, Lakhimpur Kheri
20 Lakhimpur Kheri J.B.Ganj Netra Janch Kendra JB Ganj Netra Janch Kendra, Near-Allahabad Bank, GT Road, Jang Bhadur Ganj, Block-Pasgwan, Lakhimpur Kheri
21 Lakhimpur Kheri Maigel ganj Netra Janch Kendra Maigalganj Netra Janch Kendra, Near-Sidheswari Davi Mandir, Main Chauraha, Maigalganj, Lakhimpur Kheri
22 Lakhimpur Kheri Gola Netra Jaanch Kendra Gola Netra Janch Kendra, Near-Saroj Cenema, Chota Chauraha, Cinema Road, Gola, Gokrakhnath, Kheri
23 Alwar Thana Gazi Netra Janch Kendra Thana Gazi Netra Janch Kendra, Near SBI Bank, Pratap Garh Road, Thana Gazi
24 Alwar Malakhera Netra Janch Kendra Opp: Government hospital, Alwar
25 Alwar Deeg Netra Janch Kendra Old Thazil, Deeg block, Bharathpur District, Rajasthan
26 Alwar Tapukhera Netra Janch Kendra Tapukhera bustand , Tijara block ,Alwar
27 Alwar Kathumar  Netra Janch Kendra(MSGT) Kathumar Netra Jaanch Kendra , Nagar Road, opp: Government Hospital, Kathumar, Alwar, Rajasthan
28 Alwar Rajgarh Netra Janch Kendra(MSGT) Rajgarh Netra Jaanch Kendra , Police station road, Rajgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan
29 Vrindavan Raya Netra Janch Kendra Hathras Road, Opp. Sabzi Mandi, JD Plaza, Raya, Mathura District
30 Vrindavan Chatta  Netra Janch Kendra OTD GT Road , Sabzi Mandi, Chhata , Mathura district
31 Vrindavan Baldeo Netra Janch Kendra Baldeo Netra Janch Kendra, , Near Dauji Public School, Kailash Road, Baldeo, District-Mathura, U.P.
32 Vrindavan Naujheel Netra Janch Kendra Naujheel Netra Janch Kendra, Ashu Complex , Near State Bank Of India, Opp. Indane Gas Office, Bajna Road  Naujheel, Mathura district
33 Vrindavan Mathura Netra Janch Kendra Shop no.1, Bharatpur gate road, Near K.R College Chauraha, Bharatpur Gate
34 Vrindavan Goverdhan Netra Janch Kendra Goverdhan Netra Janch Kendra, Dr. Bharat Dixit Chikitsa Niketan, Chakleshwar Mandir, Near Mansi Ganga, Goverdhan, Mathura
35 Meerut Daurala  Netra Jaanch Kendra Daurala  Netra Jaanch Kendra , Om plaza Market, Near Block Office , Lawar Road,  Daurala Block, Meerut , UP
36 Mawana Mawana  Netra Jaanch Kendra Mawana Netra Jaanch Kendra , Mawana , Near SARVA Gramin Bank , Hastinapur Road,  Mawana Block, Meerut , UP

Currently, the programme is working on to expanding to 20 more locations by 2022.

A new component of door to door screening has now been incorporated into the vision centre model. Village level workers attached to vision centre’s  are now doing door to door surveys using a modern app that helps us to (1) set a baseline for requirement of eye care services (2) create awareness (3) also monitor uptake of services.

Each vision centre is equipped with state –of-the- art equipment for a primary eye care examination and is staffed by a vision technician (usually a graduate of Dr.Shroff’s COP course) and an attendant.  Each vision centre is also equipped with a software for managing data and in some locations even tele-medicine .

In 2019-20, the network saw 105000 patients and facilitated 8000 sight restoring surgeries.