There are numerous ways through which you can partner with SCEH and help poor people to see the beautiful colors of the world!


Free Surgery Support


Equipment Support


Infrastructure Support


Training Program Support

Free Surgery Support

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital is doing more than 16000 surgeries, free for the poor patients, out of which 60% are Cataract and 40% are other specialties. Donating towards these surgeries, will reduce our financial burden and give us the strength to reach to many more suffering from Avoidable blindness in the rural areas.

Equipment Support (Medical and Non Medical)

For providing best quality of service and treatment to the patients, there is always a need for state-of-art, new equipments and up gradation of available equipments, so that we keep on providing treatments to larger community without hampering the quality.

Infrastructure Support

Our Hospital has physical presence in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana. As per our expansion plans, we have plans to build a new and bigger Hospital building in Delhi and build our own self-sustained Secondary hospitals in rural areas (so far 3 of them are running on rented accommodation) The project partners can support Patient Examination rooms/OperationTheaters/Waiting areas/Wards/Floors/Solar Energy units/ & others

Training Programme Support

In order to address shortage of trained manpower in eye care across our facilities and at the same time empower women from the bottom of the pyramid with livelihood training,  the hospital is providing two years free of cost training of ophthalmic paramedics to girls from marginalized section of society along with job placements. Financial order xenical program for some girls (fully or partly) or mentoring these girls will lower our burden and give the Corporates to participate in this noble program.

Project Support

Projects, targeting eradication of ‘avoidable blindness’ from our country can be specially tailor made, designed and implemented according to the Corporate’s CSR policies. Projects can be geography specific/disease specific/age specific or gender specific. The projects can include support for Capital requirements, sponsoring Community outreach activities, Capacity building /training of Human resources; creating IEC material to prevent diseases; or funding free eye health services for the underprivileged.

Cause Related Marketing

A small part of the company’s product sale or service rendered fee can be contributed towards our cause of giving sight to the underprivileged, giving the company’s CSR program public visibility, raising public awareness for the cause and help us raise funds for our charity work.

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is simple and effective way to support any cause. In payroll giving employees can easily contribute a part of their salary through automated deductions made by the HR department, which do not need any reminders or paperwork. The Corporate can also give matching grant, thereby contributing from it’s CSR funds for the noble cause. Employees will also receive 80G tax exemption certificate at the end of year.


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