Audiology & Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy and Audiology   Clinic   & its services were started in 1962, the year when department of ENT was set up at Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. The clinic has a team of qualified and competent speech-language pathologists (SLP), often informally known as speech therapists. SLPs are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and disorders; specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, voice disorders, and swallowing disorder in children and adults.

Therapists use a variety of strategies, including:

  • Language intervention activities
  • Articulation therapy
  • Oral-motor/feeding and swallowing therapy

In case a person requires speech therapy, it is recommended that it should be started as soon as the need is identified. Children who start with therapy before reaching the age of 5 years tend to have better outcome that those who begin therapy later. Progress in older children or adults is slower due to their comprare cialis learning patterns that require change.