Vision Rehabilitation Centre

SCEH offers exclusive services through its special program “ Stimulation And Early Enrichment”  also known as SEE led by Vision Rehabilitation Centre for the children 0- 6 years of age having disorders of  Cortical Visual Impairment(CVI), Cerebral palsy (CP), learning disability, autism, neurodegenerative diseases, and brain trauma.

The CVI clinic, set up in April 2018, receives interdisciplinary input from a core team involving a pediatric ophthalmologist, pediatrician, and an optometrist.  Such patients are referred to the clinic for functional vision assessment and further management through appropriate therapies.

The aim of the program is to follow an intensive early intervention therapy that facilitates the holistic development of our patients.

 SEE has been designed to meet the challenges faced by our children during their crucial years of development.  These early years of learning (from birth to three years) establish the foundation for their growth and development in their:

  • Cognitive abilities,
  • Gross and Fine motor skills,
  • Language Skills,
  • Social Skills,
  • Emotional Skills, and
  • Self Help Skills.

 It facilitates the child to use his/her vision functionally. Vision influences – Development of cognitive (understanding), language, social and emotional, physical and self-help skills. It provides holistic development of the child acheter cialis and all other skill areas.

The team actively involves parents and seek their opinion. Parents are part of all assessments & sessions of the child, ensuring transparency to the program and collaboration.

Services Offered 

  • Visual stimulation
  • Early intervention therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Feeding and Oro-motor stimulation
  • Cognitive development therapy
  • Language and communication


Dr. Suma Ganesh, Head of Pediatric and Neuro-Ophthalmology

Ms. Madhumati Bose, Consultant Early interventionist, certified in NOMAS (US)

Ms. Aabha Pradhan, Early interventionist Master’s in Occupational Therapy

Ms. Kamla, Early interventionist Master’s in Occupational Therapy