Comprehensive Eye Care

Every eye deserves to be examined carefully and we at Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital believe in doing so. The comprehensive eye care and cataract services are the bedrock of SCEH and attract maximum footfalls.

Normally a patient does not know what ails them and which sub-speciality of ophthalmology would be the best for them. We respect that and as the first contact we do a comprehensive examination with the state of the art equipment installed in our exam rooms.

This service provides primary eye care, including evaluation and treatment of not only cataract but many other conditions that affect vision and ocular health which are treated by comprehensive ophthalmologists as well as speciality doctors. A thorough ophthalmic evaluation also consists of a review of medical history and issues that a patient may be having along with a measurement of need for glasses (refraction), followed by examination post-dilatation.

We try to provide solutions to the chief complaints that the patient may have.

We are also able to detect pathologies like glaucoma, retinal disorders, corneal diseases, oculoplasty disorders and refer the patient to the respective departments.

This is usually accomplished in the same visit thus obviating the need for repeated follow ups.

With the help of our electronic medical record system the transfer of files and data is seamless and quick helping the ophthalmologist to communicate with each other and helps to provide the patient with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Across the network, comprehensive and cataract services, on an average, over 500,000 patients avail the services. This service is order nexium on a continuous basis across the network.

Services Offered:

Advanced preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for all eye conditions pertaining to all the specialties of ophthalmology.