Patient Counselling

Compassionate care and personal attention to all patients is one of the key focus areas for everyone at Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. A dedicated team of qualified counsellors take care of educating patients about the need and importance of eye care, the dos and donts. A counsellor works as a facilitator, bridging the gap between ignorance and education, to build confidence among patients.

The objectives of counselling patients at SCEH are to

  • Provide awareness about eye care
  • Increase patient compliance to treatment
  • Enhance patient experience

The team is committed to

  • Treat all patients equally
  • Provide accurate, reliable, updated information and guidance to patients
  • Be prompt and courteous to all patients, respecting them
  • Allay fear and anxiety of patients and their attendants
  • Educate patients about services at the hospital
  • Help patients overcome their barriers in accessing services available, including overcoming their misconceptions about pain, recovery and side effects
  • Assist patients in informed decision-making in the areas of admission, surgery, pre and post-operative care, discharge, follow up care and special procedures.
  • Enhance acceptance rate for surgery and newer services at the hospital

Tools used for making patients understand and counsel them are eye models, patient education brochures, posters, leaflets, dummy IOLs etc.

Knowledge and skill enhancement of team is done regularly to keep them updated about the technology, services and products available for improved patient satisfaction.

Patient interaction meetings are done to share know about the experience of patients. Quarterly time motion studies are conducted to analyse changes required in the process.

Team Members

Ms Zeenie Sharma

Mr Anil Thakur

Mr Sanjeev Kumar

Mr Satyapal