Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital is a robust team of more than 700 qualified persons across its network in 8 locations. This team, led by Mr Arun K Arora, Chief Executive Officer, has scaled many heights over a period of time.

A team of highly qualified doctors with competence in all the sub specialities of eye and ENT, along with medical officers, fellows, optometrists, vision technicians, nursing, counsellors, researchers,  outreach team etc. cater to more than 200,000 patients every year, providing 500,00+ treatments.

The other functions such as quality assurance, patient care, finance, administration, HR, IT, systems management, policies and protocols, stores and purchase, civil work etc extend full support in smooth functioning of the organisation.

All the verticals put together make a robust team to ensure that the values of the organisation are not compromised at any stage and they continue to strive for Quality, Sustainability, Reaching Out and Education.